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Bernina Bahn intermediate version

Sjoerd and myself are happy to tell you that a new intermediate Bernina beta release is available to download.
We would like that this restricted club of readers of this forum would act as friendly beta testers, not criticizing errors but helping to locate them.
The version is INTERMEDIATE, so not everything is complete, and who knows if it will ever be?

Two packs are availabe, one with the route and one with rolling stock and activities. Installation is very easy, Sjoerd did a great job for this. Remember that you must previously have a running version of Train Simulator installed, complete with:
- all standard routes and standard rolling stock
- Offical MSTS update 1.2 Direct link
- MSTSbin (latest version) link
- Xtracks 3.20 link
- Newroads 4 link
Such running version of Train Simulator must be in folder "..\Train Simulator".
Download route pack, extract it, run it and it will create a complete Train Simulator Bernina folder inside your "..\" folder.
For example
MSTS must be "..\Train Simulator" (the "..\" folder doesn't matter, but "Train Simulator" must be "Train Simulator"!!)
MSTS bernina will be: "..\Train Simulator Bernina"

Then download trainset pack, extract it, run it and it will create trainsets and activities within the above folder.
Pls. read the readme of both packs.

We hope of having credited all contributors. Would someone be missing, he can let us know and he will be added.

The Rolling Stock pack contains most of the rolling stock you find these days on the Bernina Pass. Also some rolling stock for the activities is included. The pack contains various trains and cars from several authors. You will find a complete list of included trains in the readme file included in the download.
The downloads contains some extra’s compared with the files already available on the rhbformsts page.

Please remember it is not allowed to allowed to host these two files or any part of them somewhere else without the author(s) permission. Read and respect the licensing rules that are written in the packs; nothing can be used for commercial purposes, as this has been a real free development.

We would like to thank Julian Taylor for hosting the two packs!

Take also into account that the route requests a powerful computer to run acceptably smoothly, and that snow version is not working.
Pls. note that you have yard cam (7) active all throughout the route, and that you can move it also with mouse.
Almost all passenger rolling stock has doors that can be opened and closed.



Author: Max Calvi, Carlo Santucci and Sjoerd Lafeber
Size: 536 MB (version 0.7.3)

Route update (recommend)

Update the route to version 0.7.5 (include all old updates) (added 15-03-2013).



Author: Sjoerd Lafeber, Max Calvi, Lukas Lusser and Carlo Santucci
Size: 268 MB (version 1.0)

Trainset update (recommend)

Update the trainset to version 1.2 (include all old updates)


NEW 04/02/2012
There is a update available for the shapes always apply this update as last.

How to use the Gem’s

* Diesel version:
At game beginning the Gem’s diesel engines are off. You have to switch it on by putting the dynamic brake to 0, one step after the other (press D for every step). To toggle between diesel working and electric working press key V. By pressing CTRL-8  you toggle a panto up and down.
* Electric version:
Raise panto with key P or Shift-P and run the Gem in standard way for electric engines. If you want to toggle to diesel, press key V. However, if you lower the pantos, the loco won’t move!