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All the Rolling Stock you're looking for.

On this website:
- Almost all RhB Rolling Stock.
- The Bernina Bahn route (freeware).
- Some Dutch Rolling stock as the (V)IRM, GTW (Arriva and Veolia) and the NS Plan U.

All downloads are brought to you by an enthusiastic team:
- Carlo Santucci: Bernina Bahn Route, sounds, cabviews and ENG/WAG files.
- Lukas Lusser: Skins, ENG/WAG files and sounds.
- Max Calvi: Bernina Bahn Route (Relief, 3d rails and overhead wire system), 3d models.
- Maarten Pontier: repaints of the mainline trains.
- Bruno: hosting this website and models (www.spoorpunt.nl).
- Julian Taylor: hosting much big downloads.
- Myself (Sjoerd Lafeber): 3d models of trains, cabviews, 3d buildings, 3d for the Bernina Bahn route.
- All those who help with small projects, 3d work, photos, testing, feedback and support.

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Newest downloads:

- RhB 4/4 I 1950s, The set contains a total of nine motors, representing distinct liveries worn by the type in the timeframe from 1943 until ca 1975.

- Route update for the Bernina Bahn, This upgrade improves the elevation features of the distant mountains in the MSTS Bernina Pass route. It does it by using as basis better and denser DEM data, and by increasing 16 times the mesh of elevation points used. This way the distant mountains resemble much more to the real ones. The terrain textures are unaltered.

- RhB Gourmino set, contain 4 different cars.

- RhB Allegra 4/16 and 8/12 the mainline Allegra and the two voltage Allegra version 2.0
- Shapes update for a lot of Bernina trainset shapes.
- RhB Ge 2/2 161 and 162 version 2.0
- Glacier Expres coaches version 2.0
- RhB Ge 4/4 III with 20 different paints version 4.0.

- Arriva "vroege vogel actie" skin online.

- NS (V)IRM OV Chipcard skin online.

- Bernina 100 year Rolling Stock update online.

- Two updates placed for the Bernina Bahn route and the Rolling Stock.

- Bernina Bahn Route Online.